Saturday, August 29, 2009

Microsoft One-Note

I just installed Microsoft One-note application. This is a one stop shop for managing your scraps, notes, meeting minutes and in general, helps organize your information 'on the fly' . I find it pretty darn cool, but you can't talk about Microsoft without criticizing their same ol' ways of doing things.

  1. The installation file is 200 MB.. which is almost as heavy as office org. Really 200 MB for a notes management software?
  2. It is licenced. Microsoft offers a 60 day trial, but we all know how things go from there. The full version is priced at $ 99.95 on and you may get a cheaper deal on other online stores.
While I do like the software, I can't imagine competitors like google (who knew that google would become a Microsoft competitor), and other open source vendors won't come up with a free and open source product to compete with One-Note.

I think its just a matter of time.