Friday, January 22, 2010

Irony or what?

I was delighted to read this on today. At least someone gets it. Tony Abbott's call is very rightly. If Australia doesn't address this issue in a timely manner, this issue will snowball into something really big.

I particularly liked this piece.
"The Opposition Leader also challenged ethnic leaders to show greater respect for Australian values, in a speech supporting population growth, immigration, and a strong border-protection policy."

I could only hope that Indian national leaders could collectively stand for such a cause in India (except for the population growth part of it) and do away with local divisive politics.

The irony is comical because as we read about India's strong objection to racial attacks in Australia, congress party in Maharashtra tries to legally put discriminatory policies in place to discourage job procurements by non-marathis in Maharashtra. (read "Maharashtra to grant taxi permits only to domiciles" ). Not to forget that that it is the congress government at the center which is trying to protect Indians in Australia, but at the same time playing a divisive politics within the country. Don't you have the responsiblity to protect Indians within India as well??

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